Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 1 (Part 4): Holocaust Memorial, Legoland, and Sushi (Berlin, Germany)

After eating lunch at the Reichstag rooftop, we slowly made our way back towards the Brandenberg Gate, heading towards Potsdamer Platz where Legoland was. Along the way we also saw the Holocaust Memorial

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

I would never forget seeing the 'block' of concrete slabs in Berlin. Its out of the ordinary features make it an unique memorial in memory of the Jews killed during the Holocaust. Although, it did get a bit claustrophobic when we walked through it, cause the blocks changes in elevation and you can barely see any direct sunlight shining through.

Legoland Discovery Center

I was quite a disappointment coming here. I thought I read somewhere that it was the largest indoor legoland in the world, but apparently its "the first" indoor legoland in the world. Now that explains why everything inside looked really old. I was expecting a lot more. Thank god I purchased my tickets online for half price before coming...but still not worth 7 euros! I felt bad for dragging my two friends to come with me. But we sure enjoyed our nap while pretending to watch a 3D movie in our 3D glasses, in German about 'who knows what'. Other then that, the rest of the 'discovery center' was just us browsing around taking pictures with lego bricks built into life size objects likes Indiana Jones and zoo animals. The only few things that may have been interesting were: the Mini Berlin, driving the pirate boat, and the indoor 'ride'. I think its a place for young kids to have fun but defiantly not for us, young adults. If it wants to attract more people like us, it defiantly recommend some major upgrading; starting with the gift shop!

It was only around 5pm when we got out of legoland and we were all extremely tired already. We decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel. On the way down to the metro at Potsdamer Plaz, we noticed a sushi restaurant, so we decided to take a look at their 'happy hour' menu. The price is decent and was a lot cheaper then London. We decided to get one of their set dinners for take out and eat it when get back to the hotel. We also stopped by Lidl, the grocery store, to grab some water, fruits, bread, and some meat to make our packed-lunch for tomorrow. Gam was ready for bed by like 7pm, I kind of waited a bit and passed out by 8pm. Evita had to meet her friend, so I wasn't sure what time she came back! We sure slept like a baby until the next morning.

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